Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We spend soo much time looking at the individual flaws swirling around criticism to the point where opinions become beliefs. In an effort to protect ourselves we find ourselves creating and embodying an identity not founded on truth but on the subjective nature of what was once an opinion. We end up shaping a false perception that can not be distinguished from the truth because the truth itself was never there to begin with. It was never traveled maybe given a glance or two but nothing enough for it to stay in memory and certainly not enough to make sense of it. The exploration of truth and falsehood has no map and it looks and feels unpleasant, those who dare seek the truth might have to for a brief moment forgo sanity and rational to allow their minds to consider any and all scenarios as possible and truthful. To perceive a flawed creation for what it is in truth is as hard of a task as any, the creator may have crafted the creation but has no control over interpretation hence all those who glance must find their truth and shape a belief out of it, upon which they can use to perceive the flawed work. Because it is indeed a new creation and for it to be a truth in ones interpretation, one must begin from virtually nothing meaning the constructs of sanity or insanity can’t even exist but that is entirely unrealistic and it is so by design that as humans the separatism, the wars and all that is negative in our society is due to our natural inclination to recognise the differences and flaws that exist between us with bias and impure perspectives that one never takes the time to admire all the flaws for it is them in unity that makes a system of perfection, the failure to recognise the perfection of flaws makes us flawed and in essence a part of a larger perfection.

The varying ways upon which each individual people perceive what an artwork means to them is perhaps symbolic about how we uniquely see one another as human beings with all our flaws and brief perfections. An uneducated eye will always fail to recognise that a flawed being looking at a flawed artwork is perfection because our flaws and the flaws of a artwork are perfect in the realm of flaws and the perfect parts of an artwork together with the perfect parts of that which is us are perfect in the realm of perfection. It is only when our flaws and perfections synchronise together as one that we see perfection but this is not a universal truth because each individual exists with slightly different flaws from the next and thus we understand that we are all unique and it is not something to be feared or hated but appreciated as we as human beings and our flaws form part of a greater perfection of which has its own flaws that allows us to perceive it as perfect. Perfection exists in perception not as a universal truth whether perceiving something or forming our beliefs no one can convince all of perfection because others differ in perspectives and it is the uniqueness that exists between us as human beings that allows us to find perfection where some perceive it to be absent.

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