Questioning the impossible: The “game of life”

“Today, you have 100% of your life left.” — Tom Landry

Is there any truth to anything? Or is it our reasoning that produces the perception of truth that we choose to believe? Are we orchestrators of our own blindness or volunteers of epicureanism? Do we disagree because we hold the truth or because we would rather choose to believe in our own superiority. Is anything ever warranted, a state of equilibrium is impossible in a world of choice and randomness — there will always be those who are paid more than they deserve and vice versa.

Is it all a grand show to entertain and amuse those in attendance, a simulation so realistic that we the participants have failed to recognise the it’s all game — how fitting then are the words “the game of life”. Is it just a learning method of the cruel variety? Is there any meaning in it all or do we sell ourselves on one for the sake of making the morrow a little bit more bearable but still endure the same amount of suffering as yesterday except this time we have the painkiller of life — Meaning. Why do we seek that which seemingly would make us happy but in truth its prolonged indulgence will leave an eternal dissatisfaction and an ever lasting want for more — which brings with it no peace nor happiness but an anticipation and anxiety that even the devil’s demons could not replicate — is it some twisted mechanics of the “game of life” chasing that which you thought you wanted somehow leaves you with a feeling of dissatisfaction once you have it, it would appear that the creators of the simulation have a sense of humour to them however cruel it maybe it alt-least it keeps things a little interesting for the participants and the members of the audience of the simulation. Is it all a twisted a game where that which your heart truly desires is never found or an important lesson on the present compared to the unknown and the mystery that is the future. Do we wield our own sword of destiny or does destiny’s winds blow us to we must go? We seem to never learn the lesson or maybe that is the ultimate teaching.

Ambassador and Content Writer at Entre. At the cross section of previously unconnected ideas exists real creativity.

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