Slavery is the ultimate form of freedom

“True freedom is one’s ability to exist peacefully and joyously within limitations or constraints set by themselves”

Mind the heavy handedness of the title it was written that way to invoke the emotion you are having right now.

Freedom in the truest sense of the word is the ability to do what you want when you want without any limitation. But an odd thing is that most people who are “free” feel very unsatisfied with life and those who are “slaves” feel very satisfied. This does not make any sense right? How can he who lives a life without constraint be less satisfied than he who lives a life a life filled with constraint.

It is simply in our biology. when everything is limitless and you seek satisfaction from it you introduce yourself to a life of addiction
exacerbated by your need for instant gratification. Human beings have an inherent lust or wanting of “more” out of their lives, this is a curse and a gift somewhat of a double edged sword. When one has no constraint or limits they inevitably become unsatisfied with the limitless and thus want more, the problem is there is nothing bigger then that which is limitless or infinite hence one is condemned to an eternal feeling of dissatisfaction and ultimately becomes a slave to their desires in a weird twist of irony. This unintentionally optimises their being to seek out that little bit more from the limitless this will render them incapable of existing within the bounds of any sort of constraints. This kind of existence in life it is almost always detrimental to the person because all life is at its core a constraint filled system in which we must navigate balancing our desires and that which is required, swaying dramatically to one extreme side of the spectrum for too long such as a satisfaction of desire will only yield a meaningless and dissatisfied life.

If you have an unlimited supply of what ever you want until the end of time eventually human nature’s tendency to adapt to a new reality by normalising that which was once not normal means that you will get use to it and no longer be stimulated by it as you once were.

He who exists within the bounds of strong constraints, a “slave” to a schedule and a set environment may appear to be living a terrible life but as with most things it is never as it seems. The difference between a happy disciplined or individual and a sad one is the power of choice. The ability to constraint yourself to a certain life is far more powerful than just being a free being more so than a forcibly constrained being. Where limits exist satisfaction will exists it is somewhat of a mental contract your brain and emotions make which goes along the line of “I will not allow you to experience all positive feelings at once but rather for now you will feel some negative feelings as we have to bare with what life deems a necessity for success but every time we achieve something new you will have mind blowing positive experiences for that short period of time as we will live it sweet and short to avoid it getting bitter, I do not know when and how we will have these positive experiences and I will not bring it up myself it is entirely reliant on the progression I make in life and when the universe deem it the time for me to be rewarded for my labour.”

The most successful people in the world are those who impose rigid structure in their lives they create systems rather than goals and when they achieve something of special significance those experiences generally blow their minds and are reward enough. It is with the realisation that any material pursuit is likely to result in a lack of satisfaction and any immaterial pursuit is likely to result in deep satisfaction that successful people embark on the journey of life. Most successful people do not seek out immediate positive experiences but rather forfeit the feeling of the present with the belief that the future will yield far greater experiences or on an exponential level that they themselves cannot quite conceive of in their present existence because it is genuinely mind blowing.

With limits exists a sort of limitless joy but one that is only experienced in short periods of time but has residual effects that keeps you wanting more and more but with knowledge that one can only experience this feeling if they continue to exist within those constraints. For if you want the feeling of happiness and joy throughout your life have it in small bursts and let its memory keep you motivated to try experience more of it at a better quality the next time, provided that you stay within certain limits for most of the time such that when it occurs it will be always be enough to satisfy you.

Through this framework of thinking we are free to adopt a system that constraints how we spend our time but simultaneously frees us from being enslaved by the meaningless existence of just wanting more just for the sake of it.

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